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Aesthetics, beauty and function are inherently intertwined.

Sol Gym

Sol Gym will ONLY ever use quality, natural materials in classic forms that can be worn today, and many years from now. From our beginnings we have aimed to showcase the human body as framed by simple pieces of clothing that do their job and can be relied on — classically creating silhouettes that don’t rely on trends to look good.

When you don the sun and lion, you are showing the world that you believe in these ideals; you are rejecting what modernity lies about and are voting for a more beautiful future.

Ancient aromas made from all natural ingredients.

Sol Scents

Sol Scents was born to bring back the practices and formulations of ancient times when the natural world gave us everything we needed - and that is still true today.

I invite you to explore and enjoy these handmade, hand-poured, organic elixirs. May they increase your frequency and uplift your senses.

Additional Deals

Ra Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light is a scourge on the health of us in the modern world. Primarily affecting your sleep, but impacting your hormones as well as even your metabolism and the amount of fat we store on the body! When we work on computers and mobile phones throughout the day as well, that artificial light contributes to eye strain. For a full breakdown, read my thread here.

Many people think they are ‘night owls’, when really this is just a response to artificial light exposure confusing your body about when to wake and go to sleep.

The best course of action is to eliminate it entirely (turn all lights off in your house once the sun goes down, use candlelights and dimmed salt lamps) - but when we cannot do that, blue light blocking glasses from Ra Optics will protect your eyes and circadian rhythm, making you feel more tired at night and increasing the quality of your sleep. I use the Daytime yellow glasses when working at my PC and when the sun goes down, the red lenses.

Order with the Discount code: SOLBRAH.

Van Man’s Beef Tallow Balm and Health Products

Sol Brah, what moisturiser do you use? Nothing else will touch my skin other than Van Man’s tallow balm. With all natural ingredients, your skin will love it. Many people report skin issues such as acne and eczema clearing up after using this balm for the first time. I am also partial to the Eggshell based tooth powder, a great alternative to mass produced, toxic fluoride-containing toothpastes. Check out the site for all their products.

Vital Red Light Panels

What does Red Light Therapy do? It improves cellular health, gives you clearer and better skin, increases hair growth and gives thicker hair, benefits muscle recovery, increases your vascularity and helps ALL of our mitochondria work better overall. I even ‘sun my balls’ with it as it has a similar effect to some of the light spectrum from sunlight. For the full explanation, read here. Vital Red Light is what I use and really recommend them for use daily, to wake up in the morning or wind down in the evening. I strongly advise you use this if you are in an area with low or no sunlight, or in winter time.

Order with the Discount code: SOLBRAH.

Greco Gum

Sculpt your jaw muscles - improve teeth, gum and gut health, NATURALLY with the ancient resin of a greek bush: used as a chewing gum with ZERO garbage in it. Mastic gum contains antioxidants and has been clinically shown to relieve digestive and gastrointestinal issues due to its antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. I chew it after meals to ‘clean’ the teeth and before to promote saliva production.

Water Filter

The core of our life and health, drinking high quality water is imperative to get onto in order to live a healthy life. I recommend a water filter such as a Berkey or a glass bottomed filter from Zazen. Other options include drinking natural spring water from glass bottles - as plastic will leech chemicals into the water you drink. You can also get large glass bottles and refill them from filter stations (often outside of stores like Whole Foods) or a local alkaline water store.

The Best Shower Filter

Most people know that tap water is toxic to drink, full of chlorine, fluoride and who knows what else that is leaked into the water supply but isn’t filtered out through conventional water treatment. But that tap water is the same water that you shower in multiple times a day. In the average shower your skin is absorbing liters of tap water, poisoning you slowly. Some people have eczema or flaky scalp because of the quality of their shower water being terrible. For this reason, I filter my shower filter using the only filter I’ve found that helps take out fluoride as well. When you shower in filtered water, your skin is less dry, your hair more hydrated and you feel better.

Desk chair

Recently I have been doing a deep dive into natural resting movement patterns, as you are probably aware our sitting posture that we spend hours in each day is contributing to these back or hip pains we may have. As I do spend hours a day at my computer, I wanted to find a chair option that supports better resting postures, so I was recommended to get this desk chair. It takes a bit to get used to, but once you are there the natural resting posture is optimal